Special Materials & Medical Equipment Supplies

​Automotive Machinery & Equipment

Smartx Technologies specializes for providing integrated solutions to medical centres, industry, power industry, oil and gas fields. Smartx Technologies offers a diverse line of equipment for special applications. 

Smartx Technologies Suplies:

We list below some of the products that we supply from USA and Europe, where we can offer state-of-art products.

  - Rectifiers
  - Inverters
  - Uninterrupted Power Supplies
  - Load-break Resistors
  - Backup Batteries
  - Isolation Transformers

Antibacterial Air Conditioning & Ventilation

  - Air Conditioning Equipment
  - Ventilation Systems
  - Parts

Measurements and Testing Tools

  - Measuring Instruments
  - Scope meters

Power Industry

  - Power Transformers
  - Protection Relays

Extensive Shipping Experience
We ship to all continent and provide our customers full service via sea, ground, and air freights. Door to door shipping.